The Furniture Physicians Company is a family refinishing business operating in the Columbus Ohio area for its' 32nd year. Darrel and Annette Kestner with their daughter Lora and staff offer you over 100 years of combined stripping, repair, and refinishing expertise. Wooden Furniture Restoration is our specialty although we also offer Metal Stripping, Brass & Copper Stripping, Polishing, & Lacquering and Refinishing & Repair Supplies. Our in-home and on-site services include repair and touch-up. We are also available nationally for restoration consulting and planning. Furniture Physicians is the largest restoration shop in central Ohio and 3rd largest in the United States. If you need help immediately call us at (614) 855-9720.

"We can restore the irreplaceable."

Why Restore??? The furniture you own, just inherited, or are thinking about refinishing or repairing is an important part of history. It's probably made of better material (real woods and wood veneers) and was crafted to be durable and serviceable for many years. If you have bought new furniture in the last 20 years you have seen this is usually not the case. Most new furniture is made from ground paper and wood pulp with an ever thinning wood veneer and construction techniques that are questionable at best. Use of plastics is at an all time high. Although newer furniture is somewhat serviceable it can be more expensive to repair than your older quality constructed pieces. Good refinishing brings back vibrant original colors and showcases the wood under modern more durable coatings that offer beauty and protection. Quality structural and cosmetic repair can economically put a piece back in service that may have been otherwise discarded. Restoring makes since environmentally too since the furniture restoration process uses less than 10% of the energy and natural resources that are required in new manufacturing. Sound interesting??? Find out more about our exclusive services, restoration process, and FREE ESTIMATES. 

Why go with Furniture Physicians???... If you are shopping for these restortation and conservation services you'll find few companies that have both an A+ rating with the Columbus Better Business Bureau and a top rating with Angies' List. You will also find us listed with The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works. Our ability to do conservation work means we have a higher skill set and more information to help us with your project.

If you need to find out more about your next project quickly just tap on the Can You Afford to Restore button on the left and we can answer you back by email or phone in 24 to 48 hours.

IMPORTANT- If you are dropping off or picking anything up at our shop you MUST call ahead and make an appointment with one of us. We are all working on flex schedules and also are on the road now to reduce labor and handling costs within our company. By doing this we have kept our pricing at 2006 levels to help you in this rocky economy. Just call Lora at 614-855-9720 if you need to see us.

A word about insurance or third party quotes... 
Free insurance estimates by e-mail???.....  This type of estimate can only be done by us in-person and we do charge a fee for it because of the extra paperwork and pictures which must be submitted by us.  We do rebate 100% of that fee if any of the work we have quoted is done within a 12 month period. 

And for September.... Our Antique and Collectable Sale

We are selling furniture which will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on Sunday, September 28th from 1:00 till 5:00 at our 10087 Johnstown Rd., New Albany, Ohio location.  We will have a wide variety of items both restored and "as is" and everything is priced at below market prices to sell for this worthy cause.  Take a short Sunday drive and find your piece of history?

10% of all sales and 5% of all restoration services generated on day of sale will be donated to the LLS. We'll also be doing Ask the Doc day at the shop as well.  Feel free to bring any pictures or camera phone pictures with you and Darrel can usually give you historic information about your pieces.  You may also just call us ahead of the sale (614-855-9720) and give us more information about your furniture so he can do a more in-depth research on them.

Going green and recycling...
We hear so many companies telling us they are turning "green" now.  Most people never think too much about the effect their furniture has on our earth.  Here are some facts...

It takes an 80 year old tree to make just 4 T back chairs; another to make the table. An average tree will yield 161 board feet of lumber and only  will be furniture grade. On the average, there will be about 12 trees per acre that are ready to harvest. When you think of all the labor, processes, waste, pollution, energy, destruction of wildlife habit, transportation cost and packaging to make, sell and deliver a new piece of furniture, companies like us have a very positive impact on the environment by recycling furniture. The paint removers, the finishes, the labor to refinish easily have a 97% less environmental foot print when compared to new.   

Furniture Refinishers-  We aren't just going "green," we've been green for centuries,
we are


Restoration News
If you get a chance hit the Restoration News button and I'll talk about our thoughts and observations on current coatings.

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